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Bent valve stem I think
I don't know what's going on here, but does anyone know how to fix it? I can't let any air in or out of the tire.

[Image: fyjsro.jpg]
Could be your valve core is stuck. Never seen that. Get one of those notched valve caps and unscrew the valve inner core. Put a new one in. If its rusty spray some Liquid Wrench first. (or any oil you got)

Check with automotive tire repair places or LBS.They got lots of valve core and notched caps around. I use a old automotive tubeless tire valve stem and put the notched cap on that for easier holding.
Never Give Up!!!
To be honest I did a bit of riding while the tire wasn't fully inflated.
Riding under inflated tire is unlikely to damage valve core.

Hera are photos of valve core remover I made.
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All that has happened is that your tyre has slipped around the rim a little, common if you ride on soft tyres.
Deflate fully and push the tyre along the rim until the valve is straight, reinflate, making sure that the tyre is seated properly and the valve stays at right angles.
Yes that would realign the stem. However he is indicating that he cannot let the air out or add more in.
That seems to indicate that the reason he rode on soft tires in the first place is that his inner valve core is not working. Out of alignment valve stem would not cause that.
Time to operate.:-)))
Never Give Up!!!
Actually the reason I rode it while the tires were fully inflated was because it was my first time ever having to inflate tires (I'm pretty new to bicycles) and I didn't inflate them all the way.

This happened before on a mountain bike of mine, and my step dad deflated the tire and put some hook-like things inside to separate the tire from the rim. He then, I think, turned the tire in one direction and the rim in another and it went back into place.

However, in this case I cannot do this because I can't let air out of the tires and it is somewhat inflated.
Well your first post was over a week ago and apparently you still have not done anything.
Is there a point to continuing this conversation??
Never Give Up!!!
I've been busy with stuff in the past week, I'm stuck between which of these is the problem. There's a nearby automotive repair shop that I can walk to but its a few miles away and I'd rather not walk that far if that isn't the solution.

Like I said, I've had this problem before but the valve wasn't as bent, and air could be let out. My stepdad solved this by separating the tire from the rim and realigning the valve stem
It seems your bike is ridable why not take a ride to the automotive place.

Eventually you will need to put more air in .

BTW did you take the valve cap off and try pushing on the center pin in the valve stem with something that will push it down like a small screwdriver??
Never Give Up!!!

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