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Hi, I have a fuji sport series just like in my avatar. It has shimano sora derailleurs. My chain was rubbing the front derailleur so I checked out some bicycle repair books from the library. They read that I needed to adjust my derailleur(s) . So I did , however the directions oh how to adjust are not in depth enough or whatever. The rear derailleur looked good to me so I adjusted the front. I forgot the H and L screws original position on the front derailleur in the process. And the adjustment attempt just made it so I couldn't shift. Finally I found instructions on how to get back about how it was before. That worked. And it doesn't rub as bad anymore and got the gears I wanted not to rub to stop. But now when I try to shift from smaller to bigger rear cogs I have to push the lever in all the way and in the process it actually clicks twice. If I stop at the first click it won't shift to a bigger gear. Shifting from larger to smaller rear cogs works fine. I'm not sure how this could have come about since I only messed with the front and it didn't do it before. Any input on how to get it back to where it shifts on the first click would be great! Based on what I've read I have an indexed shifting set up with the shift lever as brake lever too. Thank you
Generally it seems these problems relate to cable tension. Try increasing the tension on the derailleur and see if the additional tension will bring the chain to the lower gear.
Well, depending on the shifters one of those clicks is a "trim" step, so that you can use a wider range of the gears in the back without the chain rubbing on the dérailleur cage.
RIGHT. Okay, what I found on the internet was to unscrew the bolt that clamps the cable end down. Turn the adjuster barrel all the way in till it stops and then back it out 720 degrees. And pull the cable hand tight and screw back in the bolt to clamp it down. That fixed the problem. So I'm stoked about that. I had read about feathering adjustment and trim and looked to see if my bike did that but , no, just the click that wasn't supposed to be there. . My chain still rubs in about 7 out of the 24 gears but I expect it rub in atleast 3 gears just because it is written that cross gears will rub. So i'm feeling positive. Just want to find out how to fine tune up my bike from the way it's set up now to make it as rub-free as possible. Open to suggestions for that.
thanks again.
I wanted to add that the books I looked at for reference just said adjust H or L screw until derailleur no longer touches chain. Based on that you can't even see the derailleur move when you turn the H screw. But when I removed the shifter cable before hand like I read to do on the internet, then I could see the progress. Why is that ?
I take it you have looked at this;

on shimano's site, here;
and if the fd does not move while using the adjustment screw, it may be because the end of the screw is not in contact with the stop, I generally do this adjustment with cable disconnected.
No, I have not looked at that but I'll check it out.

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