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Frame sizing
In the other thread i found out from the members what determines a cycle frame size, with regard to the height of the rider. OK, now when someone is describing size they also mention small, medium, large and so on.
So does this mean that you can get an 18 inch frame in small medium and large, is this a secondary measurement that takes in to account frame length?
Quote:So does this mean that you can get an 18 inch frame in small medium and large, is this a secondary measurement that takes in to account frame length?

No, it's just a more general term, it will still refer to the overall size, including the height of the seat tube. Bicycles generally used to have a level top tube, so the seat tube length gave a good idea of the overall frame size. However, now, many bicycles have a sloping top tube, so the seat tube length alone is not a reliable indication of the frames overall size.

It's probably best to take a look at the manufacturers web site to see what size frame they recommend for your height, if you can't try it out in person.
Choosing the correct size/geometry frame is probably the most import decision when it comes to buying\building up a new bike. There are lots of good sources of information on how to choose the right size/geometry on the web. You will want to educate yourself about all the variables.
Wrench Science has a very good fit system online:
the downside is that you have to register, and you get almost daily e-mails after that.

If you do choose to try Wrench Science's fit calculator, check all the different options: road, mountain, etc, and notice how the recommended dimensions change. Road is geared towards aerodynamics, thus as narrow as possible. Mountain towards leverage, and quick easy turning, and thus as wide as practical.

If you are purchasing a bicycle unseen, make sure that you get the crank center to top of seat post measurement, and top center of the seat post to the center of the handle bars measurement. If those two suit you, the bike will be comfortable. If they don't, you won't be riding it........

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