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Noobie looking for frame
hello, i wonder can anyone help? I'm looking for a light weight / good mountain bike frame on ebay at the moment. I have some 26 inch ally rims already and some other bits and pieces. And i was gradually going to try and put something together whilst learning a little bit about bike mechanics along the way. The first obstacle i've come across when looking for a frame is that the wheels i have are 26inch but a lot of the frames i see are 20 inch or less. I don't quite understand the relationship between wheel and frame size to get compatibility so that the wheel and frame fit together ok??
any help with this would be Greatly received.
regards phil..
I think you are confusing "frame size" meaning how big a person it is intended for with "wheel size". Any "mountain bike" frame should take 26" wheels unless it is a kids bike or a "29er" which takes 700c wheels.

The frame size is the length of the seat tube. Search "bicycle sizing" for help finding what size frame you need.
Hi busymate.

The frame size refers to the seat tube length , usually measured from center of crank to top of frame seat tube.


As per frame for sale :

Never Give Up!!!
He-he, yeah I had trouble with that too because YEARS ago bicycles tended to be described by their wheel size, not frame size like today. And they used call the derailleur bikes TEN SPEED bicycles, not 5-speed freewheels. Smile

I have to admit though, bike descriptions today are much better than in the past. They have to be with all the choices now.

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Thank you very much for the clear answers! Just one thing though, if you were to put a 24 inch wheel in a mountain bike frame and then a 26 in wheel in the same frame surely the brake blocks wont line up on one of the wheels?
thank you in advance.
Quote:Just one thing though, if you were to put a 24 inch wheel in a mountain bike frame and then a 26 in wheel in the same frame surely the brake blocks wont line up on one of the wheels?

That's correct. Bicycle frames are made for a specific wheel size, although I guess you could put different size wheels in frames with disc brakes, but I can't think of many reasons why you would want to.
Be sure to let us know what kind of frame you end up getting.
When i find something i will let you know, thank you for help.
So in summary once you know the height of the rider, that determines frame size [18], that's one problem solved. But when you look on most of the adverts on ebay [uk] they don't stipulate the wheel size. So all potential frame adverts have to be emailed to ask weather or not they will take the 26inch wheels i have already. You think this would be something that would be written in the advert as a standard requirement for a frame add!!
thanks again will keep posted on here.
regards Phil.
Blueskycycling.com has a Leader MTB frame right now for 89 bucks
Thanx for the link, looks like just what i want. Only problem is, im in England.
Cheers all the same though, will give some uk sites a look!
Merlin Malt frames have a good reputation: http://www.merlincycles.co.uk/Bike+Shop/Frame++Forks/Frames+-+MTB/Merlin++Rock+Lobster+Frames/list.htm

Chain reaction also have a large selection of frames, some of which are very cheap, not sure what they're like though: http://www.chainreactioncycles.com/Categories.aspx?CategoryID=624&CurrentPageIndex=0&SortExpression=PRICE_ASC
great site you have here. An absolute mine of great information.
thank you.
Haro Escape A3 ?
anyone know this frame? apparently weighs about 3.5 pounds, seems light enough.

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