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Wellgo Pedals
I just installed Wellgo R110 pedals on my bike. They are nice looking and very light.

However one of them is still stiff after a 20 mile ride. It only does one rotation when tapped. I am used to pedals spinning like a pinwheel.

Is this normal for new pedals? Will it break in eventually?


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Have not found to much on Wellgo pedals, but found some reviews of the MKS pedals and seems its not unusual for bearings to be tight for a while . The MKS can be rebuild and reset. They aint campys.
Never Give Up!!!
I've got a set of Welgo pedals on one of my bikes. It may be that the bearing is a little tight on one of yours and I'm not sure whether they can be adjusted.

Bear in mind that they are sealed, and seals always add a little bit of friction, so they won't spin like older un-sealed pedals. You don't notice it much on wheels, unless you try turning the axles rather than spinning the wheel itself, due to the wheels momentum, but on a pedal the extra friction is noticeable if you see what I mean.

In any case, given their low cost I wouldn't worry too much about it.

Mine have lasted well, two years in all weathers with no maintenance and they are as smooth as the day I bought them.
If you prize out the black end cap there should be a nut which locks down onto a washer and cone.
Slacken the locknut to adjust the cone and then re-tighten.
Can be quite fiddly to get just right.
I'll leave it up to you to decide if you want to give it a go.
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Thanks for the info cycler UK and Xerxes UK, Ye I like the sculpted minimalist look of the Wellgo R110 pedals they are also very light at 107g each. Since I added some equipment to the bike I wanted to keep it as light as possible. It started out at 24.6 with the added heavy Look pedals, so the listed weight of 24.2 is real. Nice.

With a rack (20oz) and pouch full of tools and some first aid, and light Wellgo pedals its at 27lbs ready to roll.

I looked at the end cap when I first got the pedals (great minds think alike :-)) . taking it off would scar it. Not sure if there is anything to adjust unlike the MKS pedals which are rebuildable. However I got twenty year old non rebuildable pedals that still work good so its not a major issue.

I think these are pressed pedals so I do not think they can be adjusted. They work OK.

This photo still shows the Look pedals which are very nice and smooth for clips, but weigh 14oz, I cut that almost in half with the Wellgo. The bars were reversed and work great with the original brakes. Like a vintage triathlon bike.
Never Give Up!!!

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