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Squealing noise
I have this annoying squealing sound when riding my older Huffy mountain bike. This is a ten speed with front and rear derailers. I cannot repeat this noise when I put this bike on my repair stand, and peddle ( of course without me on it). Only when i ride do I get this noise. So far, I've cleaned and oiled the chain with bicycle chain oil. I also removed the peddle crank mechanism and cleaned and greased the ball bearings (this did seem to help a little). Any ideas will be welcomed.

Thanks, Tom C
It is common I have found that noises go away when it is on a repair stand, because there is not pressure being put on drivetrain. Is the squealing constant or does it happen when your peddles reach a certain spot? When you removed the peddle crank mechanism (do you mean bottom bracket?) did you notice any wear or pitting?
Also, does it happen when you are not peddling?

I know it is not an answer to your question, but knowing if it is constant or just happens when you are peddling can help us get a better idea.
The squealing is constant as I peddle. It stops when a coast. I guess i mean the bottom bracket. It's where the peddle crank arm goes thru the frame. There were two bearings, one on each side. I cleaned/greased these two bearings and re-assembled.. No pitting.

No squealing when i am Not peddling. Could this possibly be a worn, elongated or dirty chain? I've been trying different oils and sprays as lubricants. I think I'll remove the chain and soak it well, replace, and without oil, see if it still makes the squeal. Sound logical?

Tom C
Could be the pedals. Try dripping some oil into them to see if it changes the sound. If so, you may want to overhaul properly or replace.

A dry chain will "squeal", but even a worn out shouldn't if it has any lube on it.
Thanks all for your help. I had a friend (with two good ears) take a ride on my bike. The squealing noise is coming from the left peddle. As these peddles are cheaply made, plastic, no bearings, etc. I will simply replace both peddles. If I've learned anything from this it would be to look to the obvious, easiest solution and work from there! Thanks again

Tom C
I got a new Diamond Back hybrid bike. It is making squealing noise when riding. The noise persists even when I'm coasting. As the speed goes down the noise also comes down. At low speed there is no noise. When the bike is on a repair stand there is no noise even at high speed. It appears to be coming back back wheel.

Any idea what may be causing this sound?
The rear brake can be misaligned, though I think this should be obvious when the bike is on a repair stand. Maybe check the bearings, they sometimes come with not enough grease.


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