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You guys are a bad influence!!
Yeah, I figured you would peek at the thread with that title. But actually, its all in good fun, you guys on this forum are good influences, but you sure are persuasive sometimes. After reading all the posts and good comments on Dremels and rotary tools around here, I just HAD to get one!!!! After much research, I opted for the Dremel 4000 and the flex arm attachment so I can hang it and use it suspended. I got to play with it today a bit, but haven't used it for any jobs or projects yet. WOW, it sure is nice, and soooooo easy to use. I bought a 160 piece accessory kit to get me started. I can't wait to put it to work on something. Thanks again for the advice. (my wife isn't as appreciative, lol, but she WILL when I need to grind, cut, polish or sand a project for her or repair her bike with itSmile )

Now just be careful... high speed rotary devices create high speed projectiles...

Big Grin
(05-18-2010, 02:33 AM)Bob908 Wrote:  Nice...

Now just be careful...high speed rotary devices create high speed projectiles...

Big Grin

He's not kidding... those thin carborundum cutting wheels will cut literally anything, but when they break--as they often do--they send arrowhead shaped fragments flying at high velocity. I pulled a small shard out on my closed eyelid once; it was embedded (maybe 1/32" deep) like a micro dagger. I was lucky. I have not forgotten to wear eye protection since. Learn from my experience. The thicker ones are more robust but obviously have a larger kerf.

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