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New Tires ?
Hello everyone,

I have a 2008 Fuji Touring Bicycle and I am now running Kenda NYC Tour 700x32 tires which I have found out aren't on Kenda website. I bought these tires the beginning of April at my LBS and have since called Kenda customer service about these tires and guess what they don't even have them listed I gave them the number off the tire and they said we don't sell them(hum) since putting these tires on my bike it feels like I am driving a tank they gotta go.I can't find the tire so I can't find the TPI for the tire and they run at 85 psi.
So now on with my question.

I have heard good things about Vittoria tires and I am thinking of purchasing the Vittoria Randonneur Pro 120 TPI folding bead 700x32 tires.

Your opinion on these tires any experience with the Randonneur Pro ?

I do a lot of riding and want to go with strong tires and not worry about getting flats plus I will start touring this year and would not even think about leaving with the Kenda's. I only run 700x32 with the bike.

The bottom line the Kenda's have to go they are the worst tire I have ever ridden.

Than you so much for time and help.

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Hi ezdoesit,

I found this post that might help:
I would suggest Michelin City tires, but 700 x 28 siz which you will find are more responsive than the 700 x 32. Depending on your rim width, I might even go to 700 x 25. Narrow tires are more responsive (less tank like) than wider ones.

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