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Want to upgrade '84 Peugeot Monaco
I want to upgrade my Peugeot Monaco that I got from a craigslist deal. I started by stripping it down and repainting it.
I would just put the same components back on, but most of them came rather half-assed (like one break and crappy broken shifters along with plastic junk).

I saw another topic that sort of addressed the general question I have about how to go about making everything match, but I have a more specific one. I'm getting kind of frustrated with picking through parts and would just like to just buy a matching set... but the problem is: will the new set match the frame?

Specifically, if I just get a set of Shimano Sora or Tiagra components would it fit this bicycle frame (aside from the bottom bracket, I already realize I'd have to replace that with one of their crazy shaped ones)?

Thanks a lot,

No, not everything will fit.

What will fit:
- rear derailleur
- STI levers (probably with a bit of tweaking, the handlebar diameters are different!)
- breaks (probably, cannot tell from the pictures)
- front wheel

What will not fit:
- crank set
- front derailleur (due to different seat tube width)
- rear hub (frame spacing, though this can be fixed, see http://sheldonbrown.com/frame-spacing.html)

I included the hubs for a complete list of things you might want to replace, the usually not part of a component set.

Oh, and nice paintjob

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