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New Wheel Question
I just ordered and received new wheels for my bike. Both the old and new are TLR, but I run with tubes. On my old rim, tape is installed. So…when I ordered the new wheels, I also ordered tape. Today, when the new wheels arrived, I noticed that both included a plastic (?) rim strip. I installed the strip on both rims, which gets me to my question…. Do I also need the rim tape? I would think not, but the inclusion of the strips kind of threw me off. And each wheel, along with the rim strip, included tape and presta valve. Someone help ease my mind…. Thanks….
Rim tape is there to create a surface for the tube to press against on the rim.

With tubeless tires, rim tape may be used to seal any holes in the rim.

I can't see what you have there. I suggest you ask the people you bought the rim from, what each is for.
They are there for the setup you're going to run.

If you're just going to use clinchers, you only need the regular rim strip.

The rim tape is thicker for tubeless setup, which occupies space and seals the rim in preparation for tubeless air pressure.
Yeah, I agree with Ichitan maybe post here what is currently installed so we can figure out if the one already installed is ready for tubeless,

a good test for this is try to seat tires and get air into it, if the tire bead seats with the rim even without tubes that's probably tubeless ready, the only difference of tubeless and tube type rimtape is tubeless can hold air in and the latter can not.

Hope this helps!
If the plastic rim strip covers the spoke holes and provides a complete seal, you may not need additional rim tape.
I followed with Trek. For tube installation, the plastic rim strip is all that’s required. Thanks to all.
(02-29-2024, 07:40 PM)Talha Wrote:  If the plastic rim strip covers the spoke holes and provides a complete seal, you may not need additional rim tape.

According to Trek, the plastic rim strip isn’t designed to form a seal for those wishing to go tubeless. Traditional (?) tape and a presta valve insert were provided for those wishing to go tubeless. Yes, the rims are tubeless ready. Before posting here and before I went down a number of google rabbit holes, I’d never heard of the plastic strip method. Final move was to mount tubes and tires to rims with only the plastic strip. All seems well.

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