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Shimano hub repack questions
My WH-550 wheel set is in good shape and the hubs spin freely but they do make a very tiny bit of noise. I have never had them apart. Since every other part of the bike I have cleaned or reworked has produced a good result I am thinking about cleaning and repacking these hubs. I will get new ball bearings today. Any obvious choice for grease while I am at the LBS? Once the hubs make any sound at all isn't that a sign that the interior bearing surfaces in the hub are damaged?
I personally like to use synthetic white grease for bearings. As for bearing wear, you will hear some noise when you spin the hub, but as long as it sounds smooth it should be ok. If it sounds rough/dry you should take it apart.

I made a short video about checking for bearing wear: http://bikeride.com/check-bearing-wear/

And another for repacking hubs: http://bikeride.com/overhaul-wheel-bearings/

Hope that helps!

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