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Rode my First Double Century in June

Pushed the last 24 miles yesterday, on the last day of the month. I had been riding everyday for almost two weeks, but I had to get this in for the accomplishment. Lots of ascending around here, so these 200 miles were well earned.

Amazed at people who ride this (or half this) in a single day. Maybe one day myself.

All my builds are still in progress, so I rode all this on the GT Tempest, fitted with Specialized Nimbus Sport 2 tires. It's currently fitted with a Red/White/Blue Fireworks theme. The crank screw on the other side is red. I jumped up from the 44t oval Deckaz ring I had been running since last Sept to a 46t oval Stone chainring (fitted in the #2 bolt circle). The gain is pretty significant and I can feel it in every gear.

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Cheers to your 200+ miles! It's 336km here Smile What was the longest single ride?
And how's it going in July so far?
Merida Scultura 5000 (2015)
Merida Big Nine 400 (2019)
Longest ride was the last one I believe (26 miles).

I typically do about 16~17 miles a day—uphill about 130ft elevation 6 miles there—and then around the town and back.

I've been spinning a lot of my miles recently, but am typically a grinder. And since I put that new chainring on, I've been grinding almost all of my miles (top gear 11t). When I get into grinding mode, I have a habit to get carried away and not mind my macros enough. I get drained and miserable, and put myself into very negative body composition. Luckily, I am a concrete athlete with a lot of bodybuilding supplements from my other hobby. I take Finaflex Pure Stamina (now discontinued) and PX Heat (also discontinued) before rides; drink a full 10g of EAA aminos; plus 3x electrolytes from those supplements +PowerAde/Gatorade. I've recently been using Universal Super Cuts 3 as a replacement for PX Heat, which I have really been enjoying the performance effects of. The supplement says that it only contains a mild diuretic (in Uva Ursi)—but I get as thirsty as a horse when taking it.

This month I'm sitting at 47 miles so far. I've been taking a break since July 4th, where I only rode 6 miles. My neck was very red and chaffed from heavy cycling and working in the sun. I thought about trying to break my record already and go for 250 miles in July. This month is [Ride to End Soldier Suicide] here in the US. I normally used to ride during night, but the weather isn't looking especially favorable for that this year. It's only July and already we're looking at chilly nights in the 60s almost all month like summer is already over. The daytime will still be upwards 80s—but I really loathe riding alongside all the crazies on the road (rude, vulgar, reckless motorists).

We have some very challenging climbs around here. One is 130ft elevation over half a mile (the Story Rd Entrance to Rocky River Reservation Metropark). Another is 100ft elevation over 1/4mile—which I call Brokeback Mountain (the Brookway Rd. entrance/exit). I usually climb this one several times a year, grinding up it in time trial, and it is very challenging. I have been fond to climb them every summer at least once. I don't want to miss out on that, but not sure my current builds can handle it. I just went up to 46t oval on my GT Tempest with a 10-speed Dura Ace 11-21 cassette. My 2017 GT Transeo 5.0 build road conversion is almost done, but is equipped with a 50t oval on a 9-speed Dura Ace 11-23 cassette. You need about 1.89~2.00 gear inches to grind up those hills. The best I'd have hitting the Pro Gear on both builds is 2.19gi (on the Tempest)—and 2.17gi (on the Transeo 5.0). I've climbed the Story Rd. hill on a grind already with the Tempest in the Pro Gear—when it had the 44t oval ring on it; but it was absolutely not for the faint of heart. Still, I am intrigued by the challenge and will probably take a shot at the Brookway hill soon anyways.
Congrats for getting in the miles.

As a note, my female friend rides nearly 400 miles a month (but I believe she has to keep her rides under 15 miles a trip to manage w/o electricity; not!).
Ride Fast, Be Safe!
Good on anyone who gets fit, and improves their health. In the future you will probably aim for even further. Having a good diet is also important.

Some time ago I was very unfit, and could not ride very far at all. Over the last few years, my fitness has improved. If I am not doing other things, it is now realistic for me to do 200 miles in a week.

I met a cyclist who does 200km in a day, which is over 200 miles in two days. I could not keep up with him.

By improving my fitness, I have probably added years to my life. But this remains to be seen. Of course, there is always the risk of being hit by a truck.
Great! If you get out a little everyday it adds up quickly.

As Eddy Merckx said: "Ride as much or as little, or as long or as short as you feel. But ride."; and "Don't buy upgrades, ride up grades." Wise words to live by for a cyclist (and for most of life's endeavors). Not riding makes you worse; spending more money does not make you any better.
Take care,

"I am become Death, the destroyer of bicycles." NJS
Make that a back-to-back double century now.

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If you are exercising regularly, you are probably getting fitter. It should be getting easier. In the future you might aim for something even higher.
I've been cycling for 8 years now. I don't think a single year has gone by where I didn't do at least 1,000 miles a year.

I push myself a lot, so my level of fitness continues to climb tremendously for cycling.

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