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Another cyclist dies during training!
We just lost Gwen Inglis (47) in May. Now Desiet Kidane Tekeste (21; damn!) is killed by a driver a couple days ago. Not to mention Chris Anker Sørensen (37) being hit by a driver in September. I cannot figure out how I have lasted this long! I can only imagine the odds were in my favor as a younger rider when there was a lot less traffic on the roads and drivers were generally less distracted when driving.
I have no pity for bike riders either, who put themselves and others (and me) at risk while riding and looking at their devices be it mounted or hand held. What the heck is so freaking important folks. Take a bloody break from it all and just ride or drive! Get to where you are going safely, and let others get there also. There will be adequate time to watch and read all of the ridiculous tripe out there when you arrive at your destination. I don't even use an old style bike computer anymore; there are many more important issues that deserve my attention. Brain, body, and bike are all you need.
Drivers and cyclists alike need to extract their heads out of their anal sphincters and prioritize!

Sorry, but it saddens me to keep hearing about needless deaths be they local or global. I am good enough at putting myself in a hospital without anyone else's help.

Oops, I almost fell off my bike while typing this (not really!!).

RIP Desiet
Take care,

"I am become Death, the destroyer of bicycles." NJS
I know. Who does that on the road? It's only begging for some corruptee to hack your device so that it locks up (touchscreen or otherwise) while you're moving.

And THAT is the real enemy.

[Image: LmIuGzD.jpg]
Stuff happens. I have been hit from behind once about 35 years ago, and almost a second time about 5 years ago. The first time I was commuting to work and a girl in a mad hurry to get to work overtook a vehicle and hit me. She was doing about 45mph. I was fine and only the bike suffered damage. The more recent mishap I was out riding a country road and a guy passed out in his truck as he came along side and sideswiped me doing about 50mph. Fortunately I stayed upright as I watched the truck go into a ditch then back out of it, over a road sign and come to a halt.
Was gun shy for about a month after that. I know my time is coming, just let it be on a warm summer day with full sun so I can look up to the heavens as I pass from this place.
Until it's in my own hands, I feel comfortable on the bike - even when riding down the Alps on 80km/h. But what might happen behind me ...
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