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Unknown bike
Trying to find out what this bike is, and how much it’s worth as I am planning on selling it, any information would be great, and please ask if you want closer photos of specific parts

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Hei. Are you in Europe? This iss a Danish bicycle brand and not a cheap one. They have these alloy frames that look aero and carbon. I had one in uni days but I got it from a family friend for simbolic 500 dkk.

Look at these second hand marketplaces (price, similar models)
DBA - https://www.dba.dk/soeg/?soeg=avenue+cykel
Guloggratis - https://www.guloggratis.dk/s/q-avenue+cykler/
My search also showed up something in the range of a bike called Avenue Airbase Pista.

Price of course is always subjective. Ideally, people pay for the vintage.
The frame is truly an eye-catcher! Can you please share close-up photos of the hubs/brakes?

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