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The HELMET Thread
Hello folks from around the globe. I am trying to get people to post photos and comments about their helmets; be they past, present, or your future helmet (real or imagined).

Please provide the following info if known:
1) Manufacturer
2) Model
3) Year made
4) Number of years worn
5) Weight
6) Cost (new or used)

I would like general comments about usage (race, TT, Tri, mtb, commuting, recreational, etc.), comfort/fit, ease of adjustments, noise level while riding (provide approx. avg. speed(s)s if known), ventilation, "cool" factor (colors, images, design, etc.).

None of the above is mandatory, just trying to open up the conversation a little about the most important piece of safety equipment cyclists use (or should use!), and see how folks feel about their helmets.

My brief history: cycling since 4 years old until about 22 years old without any special equipment other than the bike. My "helmets" growing up were ball caps and bandanas; so essentially no protective equipment. In one year I became a much more serious cyclist and bought a Colnago Super bike, Sidi racing shoes, bike shorts, biking gloves, Cateye Solar computer, upgraded to LOOK pedals and a San Marco Rolls saddle, and of course a new Bell Stratos helmet. All that stuff lasted for the next 25 years. Everything got retired except the bike and the pedals which are still going strong (probably still have the other stuff boxed up somewhere).

Since I really don't race anymore most of my helmets are not appropriate for my range of riding. My present use helmet is a Rudy Project "Wing57" from around 2014, but I regularly use a variety of head covers depending on what I am doing.

I will start things off with my old TT helmet from the '80s:
BRIKO "CRONO": Very lightweight (maybe under 300g, never weighed it), and cool during riding. Very basic adjustments, and essentially no real padding or protection. Helmet is merely an aerodynamic plastic skin which will prevent road rash to the head, but no protection in an impact situation. It is somewhat noisy when at speed. I think my cost was about $50 (used), only used in TT competitions. Nice visor which will raise up conforming to the shape of the helmet so no significant aerodynamics loss. This helmet does not meet any safety requirements other than that of it being a helmet on a head and better than nothing at all. It may actually be a rare beast to see one nowadays due to it being illegal for racing (or technically for any riding where local laws requiring helmets which must have an approved safety certification).

Thank you to those who contribute or to those who just peruse.

Take care,

"I am become Death, the destroyer of bicycles." NJS
Cool classic topper there! I saw that you mentioned Bell Stratos. I also used that back in the 80s up to about 5 years ago. A very heavy helmet compared to others, but comfortable (has/had "air cushion" padding; and not too hot, except mine is a charcoal gray which is not the best color to stay cool with). I was still using it occasionally, but the chin strap latch mechanism broke and it can come undone while riding so it got retired a couple years ago after being used for about 30 years. I know I was using it in 2016 because it had a Presidential "I voted" sticker on it. I have no idea as to the weight except it is heavy, cost was about $60 new when bought in 1986. It was bought on sale because they were not selling well, regular price was about $100 and they stopped making them after only one or two years that I know of. I used that helmet for all racing, touring, and casual riding, except mountain/off-road biking.

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Ride Fast, Be Safe!
Those are a couple of cool helmets @Jesper @Criminal

I will introduce mine:
GIRO Foray 2015; weighs at about 270g (M size, mine might be an L actually) and this is its 7th season on the road. Bought in 2015 for less than $60, great value-for-money deal.

Used only for road cycling. It caught my attention immediately because it fits my Merida road bike as the color scheme matches just perfectly.

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Merida Scultura 5000 (2015)
Merida Big Nine 400 (2019)
Thank you @Zviedrs and @Criminal. That is the general info I am looking for.

I assume that the Giro is comfortable if worn for 5 years,

Howard, I can't tell that that is a Stratos helmet with all those decals on it. Looks like it has a story to tell!

I will try to get all my helmets posted in the next couple months to keep some new examples showing up.

I am very interested to know if anyone has experience with POC brand helmets; specifically the "Octal" model. I had nearly purchased one, but the price was not what I wanted to pay at the time.

Thanks again and keep them coming!
Take care,

"I am become Death, the destroyer of bicycles." NJS
(06-25-2021, 08:39 PM)Jesper Wrote:  I assume that the Giro is comfortable if worn for 5 years,

Yes, it's comfortable and aesthetically pleasing too.
I do need to tighten it quite and sometimes by the end of the ride my head feels tenser.
Merida Scultura 5000 (2015)
Merida Big Nine 400 (2019)

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