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Incorrect brake bedding
So,when i first got my bike i didn't know much about bedding in and all of that so i rode it normally. At first it was great,loved the new bike with mechanical disk brakes until the rear one wasn't breaking evenly. I took it to the shop and he changed my pads. Apparently he changed them into semi metallic pads and they produce a horrible metal on metal sound when braking at low speeds,and they didn't brake all that great. Today he changed them again, to organic this time i believe and the braking power is back! I can lock out my wheel again which feels great but i noticed that it doesn't brake evenly

I cleaned it with disk break cleaner but still no results.I tried some light-medium bedding in earlier,rode it at 15-20km/h and used the rear brake hard-ish for 10 times but no results.Maybe i waited too long during each brake?Should i try going down a hill and just use the break a lot?
What model brakes and rotors do you have? How does the braking feels when you push down the brake levers? Did you do anything to the rotors?
You are only glazing the pads again. You need to bed them properly to get max effort. Semi metallic or organic. The bed in process needs to be done. Pull the pads and scuff them on some sandpaper to remove the glazing. Hit the rotor with sandpaper as well. Clean the rotor with rubbing alcohol or brake clean. Reinstall the pads.

For the bedding process I've used the following method.

On a slight downhill, accelerate to about 15 mph, then hard on the brakes till you almost stop. Do not stop at all and repeat the above process 5 or 6 times. Now put the bike away for the night so everything cools down. Next time you ride, you'll really see how disc brakes are supposed to work.
Knifeeyz, i am pretty interested if you have found an answer. really want to find out if you solved your problem and what you did since then? please update whenever you have something to update. thanks

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