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Topeak Rack Qs
Hi, Does anyone have experience with Topeak racks and bags? I'm looking to get the MTX TRUNKBAG DXP bag with one of the following racks. I have a hybrid bike with disc brakes, so I'm looking at disc brake model racks.

There's a lot of choice in Topeak racks, so I'm reaching out to anyone who has experience with them.


The DX models have a separate bar for panniers, but I'm not looking to get full on panniers atm as the trunk bag comes with saddle bags that fold up when not needed. Do the bars on the DX models have any other use?
The "UNI" models have adjustable legs which seems like a good option as I'd like to set the legs lower as I've heard a lower centre of gravity of better for bike stability.

I'm also little concerned with the saddles bags either fouling with the wheels or interfering with peddling. Anyone have experience with this?

Also, Anyone have any experience with the springs on Topeak racks?

I'm open to suggestions as well Thanks everyone!




to begin with - what bike (brand/probably 28") do you have?

I have never had any Topeak rack, but from what I have seen nr 2 option "Uni Super Tourist" would be my choice as I do not see the extra value in DX models. Adjustable legs is also a nice addition Smile Also saw couple reviews were people complained DX's too narrow vertical bars in the area where they are adjustable, eg. on Cube bikes. I would not worry about the pedalling interfering with this specific bag model; must be a good/well thought fit. The only problems I have had with rack bags were many years ago. Then I used a very wide bag made originally for newspapers. When the weight distribution was wront it used to slide down and hit my heels when pedalling. Later on it got looset with holes on the sides (skewed) and the tips began to hit the spokes. Shouldn't be the case with Topeak Smile

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