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Shifting Problem
My front derailleur is a "Falcon" ---never heard of them! My problem is that I can shift to my large chainring or sprocket but as soon as I let go of the shift lever the derailleur pops the chain right back onto the small ring. W Thanks for your assistance.hen I move the shift lever it "clicks" several times---could there be some type of ratchet that is broken?
It depends some on what type of shifter you have. It would be helpful if you posted a pic.

But often there is a screw on the top of the shifter that tightens the whole mechanism down so it will stay in place after you move it. If this has loosened up, the spring in the derailleur will force it back to the low ring. You want that screw tight enough so it won't flip back, but not so tight you can't move the shifter.
Thanks Dave, I was planning to take the "cap" off the shifter to check it out but after your answer I checked it and the "cap" is threaded, which is the tension adjustment. I love it when a repair is simple!

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