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Shoe covers for the cold?
Hey Guys,
Do any of you guys use shoe covers for winter riding? I'm in the market for some, but I don't wear clipless shoes. Will the standard clipless shoe covers work with regular shoes? I wear "Vans" skateboard/BMX style shoes and have been ever since I was a kid. Love the grip, comfort and colors/styles I can get them in.
I was thinking I could trim the bottoms out of the shoe covers to expose the bottom of the shoes where they grip to the pedal. You have to do this for the clipless too.
What do you guys use for those cold and windy rides to keep those feet and toes toasty??
I would think shoes covers should work fine over regular shoes. Some are made to fit very snug around the shoe so make sure you get ones that will fit over a more chunky "regular" shoe.
You might also check out plain rubber shoe covers (what we used to call galoshes.) Finally, don't underestimate the power of simple plastic grocery bags over your socks but under your shoes. They will keep your feet warmer/dry in an emergency.

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