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Different brake pads for different rims?
Hey Guys,
Bought some new wheels(36h, DW) for the MTB to replace the old beat up original wheels(32h) that my MTB came with. The original wheels had the machined V-brake rim surface for the brake shoes to rub on. The new set has a painted brake rim surface and the brake pads are leaving black marks on the rims. They also are making a lot of noise when braking(shoes have been toe'd in too).
Should I be using a different type brake shoe with the painted rims??
Never heard of pads specific for painted rims. But you could try different pads to see if it helps. You might also try roughing up the surface of the pads with sandpaper. Cleaning the rims with rubbing alcohol may also help. But I suspect the marks from the pads may always come back. You might try kool stop salmons...
Instead of sandpaper (which will attack the aluminum rims); I suggest a Scotch brite pad, as used for cleaning pots and pans - also found near sandpaper in the hardware section for removing paint, with minimal disruption to the surface below the paint.
Awesome !!... Thanks Guys !!!!!
Yeah, I meant sanding the pads themselves a little to rough up their surface, not sanding the rims. You could try sanding the paint off the rims themselves as nfmisso talks about, it might give you better breaking performance. But of course it will also ruin the painted look of the rims if you care.
Hmmm........have not seen rims with painted surface where the brakes hit. Must be some kind of super durable stuff like powder coating or anodizing..

In addition to scotch brite you can try crocus pads which are a bit more aggressive. Come in several grades. Start with fine.

Look for brake pads that are not black .
Never Give Up!!!
Thanks guys for the help !!...
Yeah, it looks like powder coating. Other than the noise coming from the brakes/rims rubbing each other, the wheels are holding up great. A guy yesterday, said I sounded like a couple of Turkeys coming straight at him... glad he didn't have a shotgun !!!!!!
Anyways, got some Kool Stop MTB salmons coming... I'll see if they do the trick. If not, I'm just going to have to go the way everything is going and bolt on some disc brakes. Definately going to add some weight if I go disc... Oh well, we'll see...
Thanks again !!!!!
If you love the squealing from rim brakes, wait till you hear disks!
Point taken... sure hope those salmons do the trick.
Thanks !!
Toeing in the pads should get rid of the squeal. Clean rims and light sanding the surface of the brake pad mayalso help. But if you don't have a little toe in, almost any brake will make noise.
The pads in question are the Avid MTB pads. They worked flawlessly(no toe)(no noise) with the other set of wheels I had on before changing to the new ones. The old wheels had the machined braking surface on the rims. One finger was all I needed to get great braking action.
Since I changed to the newer set of wheels(painted rim braking surface) with the shoes toed in and light sanding, the noise is unbearably loud and the braking action(with two fingers) is nominal. Probably just due for another set... Hopefully the salmons will do the trick !! On the USPS truck now, coming my way...
I'll let y'all know how it works out...
Thanks again !!!

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