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Fix/Upgrade Murray Venom
I pulled this old Murray Venom out from my garage, this was my bike in early high school I had upgraded to a new bike but someone stole it towards the end of high school (I biked to school) well I recently ended up getting a new job close to my house (About 2 miles) so I figured I would commute to work on a bike well my old bike still works but there are a few things wrong with it:

1. No Brakes, they are V brakes by the looks of them but the cabling is all shreded and the brake handles look all worn

2. Shifting is awful and by no means smooth I can hear the chain creak and groan sometimes the chain makes a constant noise like it is hitting something

3. My back tire spokes are bent (a few of them) causing the back tire to wobble

4. I am missing reflectors making my bike no longer up to code to be driven on the road

5. I have a bike lock on my frame which I lost the key to long ago

6. Shock absorbers non existant

7. Seat hurts like hell

My feet have slid off the peddles before taking a huge chunk of skin with it

Some information about road conditions, weather and geographic information

I live in Florida in an urban setting, this bike will mainly be used to commute and for fitness it frequently rains and his humid. Being in a lower tax bracket (housing wise) the roads are not in perfect shape but it isn't pothole central either. As for my area I live in tampa we have a few bridges where the incline can get rough, Not so rough that a flat land biker like me can't climb it but a nice incline none the least.

Honestly when this bike was in good condition it ran like a dream, but I know there are newer technologies out there to improve this bike's running conidtion

at the moment I have a solid 100 bucks and a few local bike shops. I technically would prefer a lighter road bike to a mountain bike, but hey budgets and we work with what we got.

I also will make note that I am a DIY guy, I have taken this bike apart completely in the past and put it back togeather, But I lack technical know about latest upgrades, fine tuning and advanced repair.
First "check bike chain for wear" (Google it) if the chain is worn more than 1/16" I would look for a used bike shop brand bike in decent condition. The cost of a new chain, possibly freewheel, plus the tools you need is way more than the bike is worth. $100 or less should buy a decent used bike

p.s - It's "pedals"

OR - I just found this, surprised you haven't checked local resources more: http://tampabikecoop.wordpress.com/
Great find CNY , here in LA we have Bikerowave DIY shops.

As per bike looks cosmetically clean, not a high end bike, however I am sure there are good memories attached.

IMO service the bike , grease wheels, crank, head, If pedals are slippery get better ones, not an expensive item. Check all cables and shifters lubricate with tri flow teflon or replace cables if rusted, tune up, etc.

However best idea is to get know folks at co op they have the tools knowledge and most likely used and new parts.
Never Give Up!!!
I may end up doing it as a repair project but I will probably be picking up a used bike, I really want to get a road racer why I am probably not going to compete I may end up doing a triathalon in the future I like running and I swim regularly for my job (lifeguard)

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