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Cup Wrenchs - Which ones do I need?

Hopefully someone can identify the wrenches I need:

thanks in advance.

[Image: twwLjh1.jpg]
The drive side fixed cup can be removed a variety of ways - including without specialized tools. Google "remove fixed cup," especially check out the link. The other side if stuck if stubborn can usually be removed with an adjustable wrench. A 15mm cone wrench works fine for adjustment after reassembly, or even the same adjustable wrench. The specialized tools are a waste for home use, as they will not be used often and the square tapered bottom bracket in general is less common, let alone one with those specific wrench sizes. The drive side wrench flats are not necessarily the same size as that wrench, and you can't just loosen the fixed cup without having a way to hold it securely.

It would make much more sense to take off the old BB as cheaply as possible and use your money instead to buy a cartridge BB and tool
not what the OP requested - but a better more complete answer than my previous post.

On the last one that I did like that, I used a big Harbor Freight adjustable "crescent" wrench, and had to cut out the adjustable side. The manufacturer had not greased the threads, and the cup and the frame had rusted together.
Thanks for replies.

I've bought a box end wrench but I'm not sure if I should turn clockwise or anti-clockwise.

The bike is a late 1990's Raleigh Pioneer.

Similar to this one:

[Image: S1FvQti.jpg]
You either bought the wrong wrench or are using the wrong term. You need a 15mm open end wrench for the adjustable cup (left/non-drive side) or an adjustable (Crescent) wrench but even tongue and groove pliers can do the job.

The fixed cup should *only* be removed if you determine that the BB needs to be replaced due to wear. The fixed cup is removed clockwise and I already specified a Google search that will tell you how. You can also just take in to a bike shop or co-op and have them remove it (take in frame only)

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