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Bad inner ring. Chain-suck. On vaca. Need help!
I'm getting confused about BB length, type and all the specs involved in selecting a crank set. All I know for sure, is that I have a 2009 Cannondale F5 that has a stock FSA CK-306TTT crankset, 22/32/44 (specs HERE) .

Item Number / Model Name
BB-8420 / Power Driver BB(PD) for CK-306,
BB Shell 68mm including E-type / 73mm English (BC1.37”)

Additional FSA info HERE.

This crankset has a riveted inner ring, which seems to be the source of my chain-suck problem, and does not appear to be replaceable. My bike already has a brand new cassette and chain. I like the 22 tooth sprocket and would like to stick with the 22/32/44, but I'm a little confused by what'll fit. Square drive? PowerSpline? Something else? I see the specs, but I'm not sure what they mean. I'm assuming the stock cranks are 175mm, but I'm not sure where to measure. Center of BB to center of pedal mount? What, if any, concerns about diameter and length of the BB do I need to address?
Turning a wrench doesn't scare me, but what kinda tools might I need for swapping crank sets? Do I need a gear puller or anything special, beyond a Metric hex key set? I'm 1,500 miles from home, on vacation in Texas, and I had big plans for me and the better half. We're supposed to be camping and riding the next ten days, but the chain-suck on my inner and middle ring makes it nearly impossible. I had our bikes tuned-up at our LBS, but I guess he missed the inner ring problem. I figure I can order parts/tools and have them over-nighted to our next camping spot in an attempt to salvage some fun out of our trip. I have basic tools, but no torque wrench. That doesn't bother me too much. I know the difference between 150 inch/pounds and 30 ft/pounds.
I guess an alternative would be to call a bike shop on our route, but I'm not concerned about my abilities if I know which parts and tools I'll need. Or, if I do take it to a LBS here in Texas, I'd like to know what the heck I'm talking about before walking in the door.
Thanks for any and all input.
Edit: I'm considering this crank set. I'm not made of money, but I don't like really cheap, either. Suggestions welcomed:
Careful, I guess Power Drive is not Power Spline. This is how the crank arms attach to the spindle.
Several ways to go:
1. get a Power Drive crank set (requires crank puller as far as I know + wrenches)
2. replace crank set and bottom bracket if no power drive crank set can be found (requires BB tool, crank puller and metric wrench)

Replacing a cartridge BBs is really easy, not much to worry about, except in your case the tools. At least I would not pack the BB tool my cycling holidays. So you can try to find a bike collective / open repair shop, try to borrow the tools from a bike shop or pay them to switch out (possibly BB and) crank set. Likely they will have matching BB + cranks available, though more expensive than if ordered online. Most bike shops will try to get bike tourists back on the road as fast as possible!
The length is measured centre to centre and is also stamped on the crank arm.
Great info. Thanks. Any other input (it seems like
Joe covered a lot) is welcome.
Rock on!
Rat Face
Joe covered it. I am a serious bike hobbiest, with all the tools I need to maintain bicycles, but I would NEVER haul the tools to swap BB and cranksets on vacation.

LBS mechanics like any other service people (doctors, auto mechanics, etc) can only address what you tell them about. To check out everything would take an hour of riding over the same terrain that you ride, with the same effort. That would add hundreds of dollars to the price of a tune up.
I told the LBS that did the work at home that it needed a new chain. I knew that much. The tech advised that I needed a new cassette, too. I said do what you gotta do to make it right because I'm heded to Texas. I never said I'm broke and can't afford anything else. I have the dough. Money wasn't the issue. The chain sucked up on the first crank, which tells me it wasn't taken for a test ride. I should have rode it myself to try it out, but I didn't because we were loading up for our trip. My bad. I usually do my own mechanical work, but opted for the LBS due to time constraints and their perceived expertise. I had faith that the LBS would do what needed to be done. Ultimately, I'm not too upset with the LBS because I didn't check it out after the work was done and before we left. I tell people that if you do your maintenance at home, you don't need to carry a lot of tools. This time, I got put in a bind because of my failure to verify the bike was good to go. That's done. Moving forward, I'm attempting to find the best course of action to get me back on the trails. It sounds like I need a LBS in Texas that has a Power Drive type crank in stock and can squeeze me into their work schedule. Any suggestions for a reliable LBS in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area would be nice.
Personally I would likely go to any LBS, if they don't have Power Drive stuff, let them put in a low-ish end Shimano cartridge BB + a crank set or if they have some mid-range last year components let them slap that in (BB and cranks). Getting back on the road would be my main priority, don't get too hooked up on the Power Drive thing. In the end you can always take the old BB with you and go back to that system and sell the other stuff on the 'bay. Or stick with it, at worst it is 200g heavier, but sturdy. Also note that even the lower end stuff works well (I just went to 9 speed on my touring bike, Deore and SLX stuff, works better than the old DX I had on it).
I wound up visiting Bicycle Sport Shop. A LBS in Austin, TX. I went to the Parmer Road location, where I was offered a Shimano Deore crank and BB set for $150, installed. I wasn't in love with the idea of spending a buck fitty on a 5 year old bike, so I bought a 2013 Specialized Epic Comp, Alloy frame in matte grey and black. They didn't want my Cannondale for trade, so it's strapped to the top of the truck camper. I got a pretty good deal on the bike, they treated us well and the Epic is a fantastic ride! It was so nice riding it in Pedernales Falls State Park, that I felt guilty about the 'Ol Lady's bike, So, we went back to their shop the next day and picked up a 2013 Trek Lush 29 for the Better Half. She loves it. We rode in Dinosaur Valley State Park and the trails are very challenging. What a huge difference with the 29er wheels!
Bicycle Sport shop is a larger dealer, with three locations in Austin. Great service with very knowledgeable salespersons and techs. Friendly atmosphere with zero pressure sales. The decision to buy a bike was soley my doing. They were very accommodating, having the Deore crank set ready to rock when I walked through their door. While calling LBSs inquiring about parts and service, Bicycle Sport Shop was recommended by one of their competitors. Highly respected in the area, apparently.
Good luck, ya'all. Thanks for the tips. I'll be replacing the Cannondale's crank when I get home and will probably be reading more on the subject.
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