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Thoughts on the fixed gear/track bike culture?
Some of these people are cool and they really have the heart for it. Saw someone riding on a vintage cannondale track frame, that was absolutely beautiful. At the same time I saw a kid who converted a cervelo p3 to a fixed gear and proceeded to crash into a lightpost....
I guess that about covers it...
In principle I would like to ride fixed gear, at least sometimes. I think it would be a good training for me, as it reduces some of the disbalances in the legs. However, I have no interest to 1) make a fool of myself or 2) being associated with the fixie-hipsters, who hacksaw parts of very nice vintage road frames.
So, the jury is still out on that one..
I'll say this. I've seen a lot of idiots on fixies and listened to a lot of dopes wax on about how zen it all is and how you're not real if you ride with brakes, blah, blah, blah. But there's always idiots around. Most of all, the rise of fixed gear culture made cycling cool again for a huge number of people that would never have given it a second look and a lot of those people ended being some of the toughest fighters for cyclists rights. Many of them were the ones who showed up for Critical Mass when it was radical to ride in a group on the street and now show up at neighborhood council meetings when old NIMBYS are screaming about how bikes will destroy their neighborhood. So even if I roll my eyes at the dude with the PBR who won't ride in the bike lane, I try to remember that him and his obnoxious friends are partially responsible for why I have a bike lane to ride in now.

Plus riding fixed is cool... Wink

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