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Hello from the Arctic!
Just thought I'd drop in here and introduce myself. I couldn't find an introduction forum, so I figured this was the best place. I've just received some excellent advice on the subject of replacing my freewheel, which I've recently figured out has been broken almost since the day I brought the bike home over 5 years ago. Of the two members of this community I've met so far, I'm impressed by the friendliness and helpfulness. I'm glad I registered, have learned some things, and found some new online resources(mostly shopping websites for parts). I'm certain I'll find myself back here in the future, whether just to hang out, or to ask more questions.

About me:
Foregoing, for now, my real name, I'm 30 years old, born in Indiana(a cycling friendly state), and have been riding my bike since I was able, all over Indiana, then Okinawa, Japan, and now Barrow, Alaska. My longest ride was a 30 miler one day as a Boyscout, and I've participated in the Indianapolis NITE ride once. I attempted to draft a rider with a US Postal Service bumper sticker on a road bike, and it worked surprisingly well, despite myself being on a mountain bike with rather knobby tires. I never met the man to thank him.

I enlisted in the US Air Force directly out of high school, and was promptly sent to Grand Forks, ND after completion of basic training. Four years there taught me much about cold weather, but nearly nothing about cycling. I didn't have a bike while I was there.

My tour in Okinawa, Japan was next, and I found myself on a temporary duty assignment at Eielson AFB the summer after my change of station. It was on that trip on which I met my wife. We participated in a long distance relationship for ~18 months, after which we were married and she moved to Japan with me for the remainder of my tour. That's where I bought my most recent bike. A super cheap Cultech-Japan "Mt. Hakone" no suspension 21 speed mountain bike, with fairly knobby tires.

The end of my tour in Japan also marked the completion of my enlistment commitment to the US Air Force, and so my wife and I spoke at length about where we would want to live after my separation from the military. The only place we both liked enough to move permanently was Barrow, Alaska, and so here I found myself. We've had two children, with a third on the way, and I'm trying to keep my own shape from becoming too round as my wife feeds the newest member of our family several times a day through her own stomach.

I've been maintaining my own cycle since my father taught me how, and I continue to learn more about it, just when I thought I knew everything I needed to know about it. As an aircraft mechanic for 6 years in the Air Force, and now a copier repairman, I've developed quite the knack for disassembly and reassembly of complex mechanical and electronic equipment, so bicycle repair is right down my alley.

I hope to see you all around the forums, and if you ever find yourself heading to Barrow, Alaska, drop me a message here, and perhaps I can show you my snowmobile.
Welcome and greetings from Sunny S. California to you. Hope you got ice chains on your bicycle.. Brrrrrr...
Never Give Up!!!
Yes welcome, or you can look for some spiked tires like the ice racing motorcycle use
Have fun and just enjoy the ride
Yep, the cold can take some "getting used to". It almost got below 80 F here last night, I was shocked.

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