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Bar End Shifters
Hey back again to ask some more questions Smile
I have this really nice Dahon Mariner which last fall I modified a bit to replace the really weak folding handlebar/stem set. Thanks for your help the last time Alex now I have a nice adapter stem which gets me from 1 inch to 1 1/8 and an Eaton EA 30 Stem . Bike is much better than it was.
So I had been thinking of putting on some roadie style bars and want to get rid of the rotary shifters. I have seen these Shimano Ultegra 8 Speed Bar End Shifters around here and there. But the specifications are minimal and I can't figure out what size bars they will fit.<br />
They look like they are inserted into the end and then get locked down but there are no specification about the dimensions required for the bar(s) I might want to use.<br />
Maybe they fit a wide range of road/cyclocross bars but I sure can't tell.

Not sure if this reply will help or not but I have Ultegra 9 speed bar-end shifters on my Surly Long Haul Trucker (LHT). The LHT has standard size handlebars I believe ...

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Most likely it will fit a bar of about 1 inch or 25.4 mm... I guess
Worth a try I suppose Smile

This Shimano document says can be fitted to bars 19-22mm.<br />
(I would think this is the internal dimension?)<br />
Note though these are Dura-Ace, not the Ultegra version.<br />
Chances are though they are the same size.<br />
And I would expect you will have to match the units with your cassette ? (8 or 9 speed etc)

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Yeah,these shifters will fit any road bar. The middle of an old road bar will be 25.4mm, ok. The end will taper slightly to allow these shifters to fit. The shifters use a wedge system which expands in the bar. Before fitting road bars note that mtb bars are 26.0 mm in the middle not 25.4 alright yeah? The ea 30 stem is available in either size so check what you've got son ok because you can fit 26mm bars in a 25.4mm stem but no the other way round you follow? That means if your stem has a 26mm clamp not 25.4 it WILL NOT hold a road bar securely! Understand? They've solved that with the introduction of the 31.8 mm diameter "oversize" bars. Which i doubt you have. Even if you do the shifters will still fit the bar, right

Well didn't get to this update but Spring is here, Spring 2011, but plenty of other things went on in between that caused me not to get to this.
Now I did order up the parts and will get to it finally. One might say ah just get another bike. But pricing out bikes around the internet I find that I can't get a bike that matches my desired criteria without spending more than I have to with the upgrades.
I already updated the wheels three years back, replaced the stem, bought a smaller car and like the space saved by the folding bike. The geometry suits me and the frame is underutilized so mileage is still low.
I got the parts on order
Shimano SL BS64 Bar End Shifters
Dimension Adjustable Stem
Salsa Woodchopper Handlebars 31.5 MM 42 CM
Cane Creek SCR-5 Brake levers
Jagwire Hyper kits for brakes and derailleurs (I am sure my current cables/housings are too short for these changes)

Should be fun doing it anyway will post before and after shots.
Thanks for the awesome site and great assistance Smile

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