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And I Thought I Was Doing Good ... A True Story
Well, here I am getting ready to turn 65 with leukemia and a prostate cancer survivor, cycling for about a year and a half. I am riding for a cycling team from where I retired, with around three quarter of the members in their 20's and 30's (three others are in their early 50's). Taking all into consideration, I think I am doing pretty darn good doing all these long distance rides. The photo for my avatar was taken three weeks ago during the last MS 150.

Yesterday, my wife and I went riding at our usual park; a 7 mile loop with a total of 12 miles if you ride the service roads. I normally take off at the beginning of the loop and do my ride and my wife does hers. I had just completed 26 miles on my road bike and pulled into the water station/rest stop at the service road to my parking lot, to wait on my wife, when I noticed that there were a bunch of people there, all over 55. So, I make the wise crack, "Wow, looks like the AARP cycling team", since my age definitely qualifies me to be in that group. After that remark, one of the riders struck up a conversation with me about their ride as I told him I was waiting for my wife to arrive so we could go home. He tells me that they are doing a little longer rest then normal because of the friend that is riding with them.

About that time, a young rider comes in to the rest area with a Felt Tri bike and the friend of this guy starts telling his wife that she had a Felt Tri bike and crashed it last year while avoiding a collision with some joggers at this same park, cracking the frame in several places. After she gets done telling the story about how it happened, the three of them got up and got on their very expensive road bikes, clipped in and started their third lap. The lady that crashed her Felt last year was eighty year old ... that's right 8 - 0. I felt like finding a tricycle and riding home.

So, whenever you think that you are too old to be riding, remember this true story. My wife was there when she was telling the story, so I'm not the only one that heard it. That is just too amazing. If I make it to 80, I would wish that I am still walking let alone, riding a road bike.
HCFR Cycling Team
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Hey, that's a great story! I just turned 50 last year and I still do motorcycle 'stunt' shows, they are mostly MotoTrials riding over cars and other great feats. I also have a unicycle and mountain bike, but not nearly as proficient on them. Most people can't believe I'm 50. Last Saturday I did a show in the rain in Massachusetts and slid off the hood of the car twice, but it was still fun. Today I felt like I was 150! But I'm starting to bounce back now and I am reminded that I need to be more serious at my age about eating right and regular exercise. I still try to act like the kid I was when I raced motorcross, but my body doesn't agree with me! We have one guy in our gang who is in his 80's that is a 3 time cancer survivor and still rides the trials bike over the rocks and logs. If he can do it, I can do it!
As "Bill and Ted" would say...."PARTY ON DUDES!!!"
Man John a double wammmy. Hang in there and keep on riding.. And a happy birthday to ya.

Good story BTW.......
Never Give Up!!!
Yeah, it was something seeing that 80 year old lady on a road bike. I actually saw her again this past weekend and she was just chugging away and at a fairly good pace, I might add. Seeing people like that is what keeps me going and push harder.
HCFR Cycling Team
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Quote:Man John a double wammmy. Hang in there and keep on riding.

Thanks George! Everything is currently well under control. The leukemia was diagnosed first, but since it's a chronic type, the treatment is medication and not chemotherapy. The prostate cancer was a result of the leukemia. As with all men, the older you get the more likely you will have prostate cancer. Mine was lurking in the wings but because of the immune system problems with leukemia, it spread faster than normal. Good thing it was caught in time. And yes, I am going to keep on riding.
HCFR Cycling Team
Ride Safe...Ride Hard...Ride Daily

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