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So I'm Too Fat For 27" Wheels!
Beautiful 1985 Nishiki Seral 18 speed touring bike (6 speed freewheel, 126mm spacing). I changed bars & levers & ride very upright. Great bike. So through a freak (& stupid) accident I damage the INSIDE of the rear rim. The wheels are Suntour sealed bearing hubs with Araya 27x1 1/4" with 40 spoke single wall rims. The tires are cyclepro 27x1 1/8" Kevlar belted and are marked "FOR K-2 RIMS".
So I'm told I need a wheelset, as modern tires won't stay on K-2 rims when pumped to high pressure. I believe it, the lip to hold the bead is TINY!
No problem, I find some nice stuff at Harris here & here.
WRONG! When I contact Harris & tell them I weigh 270lbs thier tech guy says they won't take it, I'm too heavy. It kind of surprised me because I've had over 325lbs on the bike with no problem on the original 40 spoke single wall wheels. I thought the new 36 spoke/double wall/triple chamber wheel would be stronger than the old wheel, even though it has less spokes.
So now what do I do?
1) Spend $400 with shipping and convert to a tough (Velocity Dyad) 700c wheelset?
2) Buy a cheap cruiser and sweat off the pounds 'till I get down to about 230lbs then get the nice $160 Harris wheelset with some 27x1 1/4 Conti Hardshells?
I've got to do something. The exercise bike in the garage is misery. Any ideas for us fat guys?
And by the way, I don't want to bend the frame to accept newer 130mm hubs with cassettes.
I'm not a heavy guy, but between you and me, I would opt for option 2. Anything you can do to get the pounds off, is the best way to go, in my opinion. Unless you are 270 pounds of solid muscle, the health factor alone has to be the determining factor here. I lost 25 pounds to get on a cycling team and I feel much better now than I did when I was a heavier. Still have around 5-10 more pounds to shed.
HCFR Cycling Team
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Quote:When I contact Harris & tell them I weigh 270lbs thier tech guy says they won't take it, I'm too heavy

Eh? That can't be right! I know someone who's about 16st (mostly muscle). He's never really had problems with rims failing.

If those rims really can't take it then I'd look into a custom wheelset. These are often not as expensive as they sound, and I've actually had a set that was cheaper (and for what I wanted, better) than stock. Or just simply replace the rim if you can find a 40h rim.

It might be worth considering a narrow, cheap MTB rim (such as a Mavic 317) if you really have problems with strength.
This is a web site for large riders. The guy that owns the site is a really big guy and there is even an article on the web site pertaining to your problem as he has had the same issues as you are having. Although his issue was with the Mavix CPX22 rim (that is what I have on my road bike), he does name rims that will support your weight. I think he is 6'5" and around your weight, if I remember correctly.

HCFR Cycling Team
Ride Safe...Ride Hard...Ride Daily
a bunch of bull from Harris.

I am about 325lbs. I also build my own wheels due to being cheap.

My commuter (12 miles each way -> 120 miles per week) has Suze-Arraya 36/40 wheels; Bell Kevlar tire on front, Specialized Armadillo on the back; 27", I run 7 bar (95-100psi) in front, 8 bar (115-120psi) in the rear. The spokes are 2.0mm stainless, well tensioned. No issues in a couple thousands of miles.

My back up wheelset (never used, and for sale - see http://forums.bikeride.com/thread-3095.html) started as cheap 36H alloys from Amazon. After breaking spokes, they now have Wheelsmith SS14 spokes in front and on the left in the back, and DH13 spokes on the right (drive side).

In your place; I'd get one of these:
Sun Rhyno Lite 700c 40h Black Rim with Silver sides, Presta valve
and re-use you hub; with Wheelsmith SS14 spokes; properly tensioned, and stress relieved.

If the hub is no longer serviceable; I'd get one of these, and replace the spokes:
Wheelsmith SS14 on the left, and DH13 on the right.

If you are close to San Jose, CA; I'd be happy to assist you.
Thanks JohnV, that's a great site for big guys, but the wheels are out of my price range.
nfmisso, I don't have your wheel building skills, or I would get some DT spokes & 2 Dyad 40 spoke rims (under$200 total) & make my own set (convert to 700c). If I lived closer to you I'd try to get you to help me make them!
I was a little surprised that Harris suggested that I not go with one of their 27" wheelsets. I figured, yeah, 4 less spokes, but the new rims are double wall & triple chamber & 25 years newer technology-wise versus my single wall 40 spoke Araya. My Nishiki Seral originally bragged of 125lb rear rack capacity plus 75lbs on the front (optional) rack, plus a rider. I thought if anything, the Harris option would be stronger.
nfmisso, the link to your thread about your back up wheelset doesn't seem to work.
Let's try this:

(06-03-2011, 03:49 AM)1FJEF Wrote:  ......... I figured, yeah, 4 less spokes, but the new rims are double wall & triple chamber & 25 years newer technology-wise versus my single wall 40 spoke Araya. ........
would you be interested in selling your 40H hub - assuming there is nothing wrong with it?
Thanks, but the Suntour hubs are in good shape & I may have EBT build a 700c rear wheel ($170) on them. Then I just need a new front rim or wheel like the one you have for sale & I should be good. I ride completely upright, so the vast majority of my weight is on the rear.

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