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Anyone have any experience with unicycles?
I just found an old unicycle in my dad's attic and I'd like to fix it up and learn to ride it. It looks like it just needs a new seat and tire/tube. Any tips on how to ride one of these things?

Well I am slowly learning to ride this thing, no one has any experince? I have fallen twice now, most of the time I can catch myself, but not always. I was thinking about getting two hicking sticks and using those for balance.

Lots of others on U-tube.

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oh sweet thanks, I'm looking at more now

Easy. Start by using a wall or something to hang onto. Pedals at 3 and 6 o'clock. Seat height is important. Tire psi rock hard. Push off and pedal, weight on seat. You will only get one or two cranks before you fall off. Pick up bike and do it again. And again. For days you won't get anywhere, until the one time it just goes! Now you have to learn the mount and ride. Pedals at 3 and 6. Start off with favored foot at the rear, as you sit up, rock back onto rear pedal, then push with other foot. Voila'. It takes time but I learned it.

Thanks man. I am working on it still, I am only to the 2 cranks and fall stage. I am hoping to get the hang of this soon. I just need to practice more. I have only been doing about 10 minutes a day.

I still am unable to ride this unicycle. Although I only pull it out once in a while and practice.
Good Luck Jordan. I used Nick's method years ago and it took two full days to master. Don't give up... it'll just click all of a sudden and you'll be off and rolling!
Update on Unicycling mission: I practiced a little bit today and slammed the crank arm right into my ankle. This damn thing is gonna be the death of me. But I so so so want to be able to ride it the short distance over to the Mailboxes in my complex.
Stick with it Jordan! Maybe some of these would help, I use them whenever I ride BMX lol:
Not a bad idea, I could also get some use out of those on the trails, that would save my shins from pricker bushes.
I watched a guy juggle bowling pins while riding one. Does that mean I have experience with them? Big Grin
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Although i dont really have any tips to give you I do give you props on trying to learn the unicycle. It looks like it is really hard to master. So good luck and keep us updated Smile

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