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DIY oversize presta valve inner rim hole fix
After 2 tube failures at the valve attachment to the tube on the same rim, I removed the rim strip and found that the inner valve hole was drilled oversized. I came up with this fix for the problem.
The first picture is from Schwalbe's tech site, the rest are mine.

I bought these nylon flanged bushings at the hardware store:
(0.26 I.D., 0.312 O.D., 0.50 flange diameter, 0.50 long)

I used a grinder to rough them into shape to fit, and then used fine sandpaper to smooth out any rough edges.

This is how it fit into the rim.

I used an old presta valve removed from a tube inserted through the new rim strip to help hold it in place while installing the rim strip. Works great so far.
Sorry guys, all the picture got mixed up somehow. But I think you can get the gist of it.

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Kinda like:
(04-16-2012, 05:02 PM)nfmisso Wrote:  Kinda like:

Yes, but my LBS guy said he used them and the pressure pushed it through to the inside of the double rim. He recommended a washer, but I thought a washer might move around more. When I saw the sleve bushing, I knew I could adapt it.

Ride on, keep on riding
Riding on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on
Ride on, gonna have myself a good time - AC/DC


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