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Question about cycling shorts.
Does anyone have any tips on how to keep the legs of cycling shorts from scalloping around the non-slip band for the legs? I have a pair of riding shorts that does this after every wash and between rides (I use them for two to three rides in between washings). They seem to straighten out after I put them on and wear them for a while, but until then they look like they are all stretched out. I thought of using a steam iron, but I didn't want to mess up the Lycra experimenting with it.
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John. You're washing in cold water / gentle cycle, right? NO heat! No dryer and no ironing. Hang dry only. I highly recommend having at least two pair to rotate between washings.
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Rob, Yes, Yes, No, No and Yes.

I do have two pair of riding shorts and two pair of riding pants. The riding shorts that I am inquiring about was a gift from my daughter for my birthday a year ago. They are Bontranger shorts from a Trek store near her house. I think she paid around $50.00 for them. The other pair that I have were bought about two weeks later and are Bellweathers, also around $50.00. The Bellweathers look like they are brand new and there is no stretching or scalloping in the pants leg. I think its because the rubber that is used to keep the shorts from riding up are of different design and its the rubber that is the problem. The riding pants are Canari and, overall, I like them better then both of my riding shorts, but its getting to hot to ride in them. Don't want to burst any bubbles, but its been in the 80's here for the past two weeks with very little humidity.

I guess I will keep trying to find a way to stop them from scalloping around the legs or get a new pair and save those as a backup.
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Yo, John - I see the problem! You're comparing apples to oranges to mangos. Canari, Bellweather and Bontrager are all great brands but, a $50 Bellweather might be a $65 ... nevermind... I think you know what I mean.

By 'scalloping' I guess you think I would say 'skirting'? The lycra has little ruffles just above where it is sewn to the band? Look at the bands closely. Some will be blatant white rubber, some will blatantly look elastic, and some will look - different.
The scalloping usually is most pronounced on shorts with rubber bands. As you say, though, it goes right back to shape in 2 miles.
Elastic bands have tendency to furl themselves when dried too fast or with heat (NO to clothseline in the Sun).

In my pro opinion, you just need to have another Birthday. Wink
Wheelies don't pop themselves. (from a QBP fortune cookie)
Quote:In my pro opinion, you just need to have another Birthday.

Can you help me convince my wife of that? I need more than just riding shorts. The ruffling or scalloping isn't anything I have to have corrected as they do go away after I put the shorts on and start riding, but they look weird when I first put them on. It's bad enough that we get teased for wearing spandex shorts, but the ruffles on the leg.... well you know what I mean. However, I wonder why no one ever teases football players for wearing the same material on the field.
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