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Flat sections on new tyres??
I got a puncture in my tyre so decided to fit a new inner tube.

I got it all on fine and inflated it and thought it was fully pumped up but there are 2 spots on the tyre where it is flat even though it is fully inflate on the rest of the tyre??

At first, I thought it was a faulty inner tube, so I took it back and swapped it for a new one.But the same thing happened again!

If I inflate the tube once its off the wheel, it looks all lumpy with some parts being fatter than others (same thing happened with both new inner tubes).

Any suggestions as to what it could be?

Tubes have some variation in how think they are and that will make them bulge in some areas outside the tire. But that won't affect the tire at all.

I think what you mean by "flat spots" is that there are places where the tire is sitting farther inside the rim so as you rotate the wheel the tire seems to dip a little. There is a small indicator line along the bead of most tires that should end up just above the edge of the rim when it's mounted properly. If that line dips in (out out) noticeably, you need to work a little to get the tire seated right. But it's not a problem with the tube.

One trick for low spots is to spray a bit of windex or soapy water on the bead of the tire. When you pump it up this will help the tire pop into place. There a few other tricks, but I'll let you tell us if this is the actual problem you're having before going on...

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