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Help thinking up a mechanism
Hello, my name is Matias, this is my first message, ( apologies for my english) i'm having a dilema, i would like to put an engine on a racing bike, but i don´t want to affect the cycling mechanism, so I need a way to shift between engine and bike so, when I don´t want the engine I can use my bike normally.

I've thought the possibility of maybe having a Freewheel for the bike chain and a Freewheel for the engine. ( not sure if freewheel is the correct term). Is this possible ?

Or maybe also a way with a derailleur to change the chain of the engine between a free ring and a normal one.

I hope i've made myself clear.

Any idea? clue? help ?

I´ll wait for your response, the website is really good. Thanks for sharing your info.
Try "Solex Bike" on Google, old French bikes with a motor on it, might give you some ideas!!

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