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Need some advice.
Hi all,

I am currently looking into getting a hybrid roadie (straight handle bar type), found one (specs listed below) but there are some questions that I need to ask you folks here...

* Mostly Shimano 105 groupset components:
- cassette sprocket CS-5600
- shifting lever SL-R770
- brake lever BL-770
- front derailleur FD-773
- back derailleur RD-5600
- chainwheel FC-R553
- chain KMC Z9000

* Wheelset - Formula Xero CXR-6, FreeHub rated as S8/9 speed

Does using a 9 speed chain affect (damage) the 10 speed drivetrain in the long run or only in performance wise?

If I want to change to a 10 speed chain, do I need to change the wheelset as well?

Thanks for taking the time to go through my post Smile
Using a 9 speed chain on a 10 cassette will probably give a noisy drive and poor changes between sprockets. I wouldn't expect any real damage but don't understand why they would use a 9 speed chain in the first place. (is it a mis-print?)
I would change the chain for a 10 speed and no you wouldn't have to change the wheelset.
A 10 speed cassette will fit a 8/9 speed freehub but needs a thin spacer to take up the slack.
A 10 speed cassette is fractionally narrower than 8/9 ones (about 1mm)
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