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Howz About a Classified Section of BicycleTutor?
Hey All and Alex,

I am wondering if everyone would be in favor (or favour, UK) of Alex creating a new CLASSIFIED section here.

I have seen a couple of classified sections that work well, even better than Craigslist or eBag, because we tend to "know" each other better than total strangers.

I have a stock of "this-and-thats" I have accumulated from garage sales and out-of-business sales here locally. I am thinking after the initial heat-of-the-moment buy there are a few things that I probably won't ever use. It could also give some a chance to clean out their garage. Buyers might have requests for parts that some might have (WTB, wanted to buy). Rules could be set to let everyone know the item is sold or no longer available. No follow up posts unless it is a specific question about the item. Purchase priorities are given to those who post both in the for-sale thread AND send a personal info PM. Post bumps could be limited to once a week or so, yada-yada.

And here, we have a group of people that are the target market for such items. Smile

Let me and Alex know what ya'll think.

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Hi Steve,

I set up a marketplace section here: http://forums.bikeride.com/forum-39.html

We'll see how it goes... I'll try to keep on top of deleting closed threads.

Thanks Alex!

I was thinking more of a separate forum though. The current "marketplace" is linked under another major category and I have always had trouble finding those areas. Just a suggestion.

Thanks again!
Junkyard Tools rescued from the junkyard!
Not a problem Steve, I moved it up to the main level under general topics. Let me know if that works better!


I'll look around and see what I have to list. Smile

Junkyard Tools rescued from the junkyard!
Another couple of suggestions:

1. Make sure all ads have the items location and whether it's for sale or wanted in the subject line, for example:
UK-Sale-Threaded headset
US-Wanted-26" Rear wheel

2. Restrict For Sale ads to members with at least a certain number of posts. There's no buyer/payment protection whatsoever when things are sold on forums, something like this might prevent people registering just for a free ad or possibly to scam people.
Wow a great idea
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