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Bike chain prices
hi all, i'm new to the site and well i cant find any prices on bike chains anywhere... i just got a used bike from a friend and well the chain was kinked badly. i'm looking to buy a new chain but don't know what a decent price to pay is... anyone care to help? it's a basic 55 and a quarter inch chain...

Chains run from about $10-$50 depending on what you've got. Follow the link on the Bicycle Tutor site to <a href="http://bikeride.com/go/jensonusa">Jenson</a> and go to the chains section.
You need to know how many speeds you have in the back and buy a chain made for that type. More expensive chains will last longer and maybe shift a little better. But anything will probably work fine. I like the mid-price Sram chains.
Note you'll need a chain tool to replace it if you're doing it yourself.

thankx... i don't have a lot of money to spend what can i use instead of a chain tool? oh and does the number of gear wheels at the back tell u how many gears there? because i got mine used and i don't know how many gears it has it has the cheap hi lo gear cogs on the handle bars... thankx for the help and links it helps a lot.

Yes, count the number of cogs (gear wheels) in the back. If there are 7, you need a "7 speed compatible" chain.
There's no real replacement for a chain tool. Unlikely you'd be able to install the chain without damaging it without one. But they aren't expensive and should last you a long time. Maybe get one of the little fold up multi tools that has one so you can carry basic tools on your bike.

kool great idea... i have a backpack i take with me with dry socs, granola bars, water and tools and a first aid kit plus w/e else i may need, ie sun glasses. i hook all my maps and tools on with carabeaners and i can always use another tool like that, better to be prepared for fixups as i go on long trips.

If you're doing long trips, I'd defiantly recommend a little practice with the chain tool and changing flats before you go. Don't want to be messing with this stuff for the first time out on the road. It sounds like you're working with a budget, but I'd also recommend getting a cheap rack and bag to go on it so you can lose the backpack. For around town they're great. But for any distance, it's nice to get the stuff off your back. good luck!

hmm thats a good idea considering i need to wear a back brace when i go on long trips. i see this green goo stuff u can put in ur tire threw the air intake and its spouse to auto fill holes when the goo seeps out holes and hits air , have u heard of this and if so im wondering since u sound well informed if u have an opinion on products like this

Yes, is doesn't work very well except for flat from thin needle like thorns. Get some decent kevlar belted tires instead.

Hi swift,
Definitely agree with Dave… Make sure your tyre pressures are good: you don’t need that slime stuff. Personally I do use a small (35 litre) rucksack but that’s my choice. Kevlar reinforced tyres (check out Specialized Armadillo range) are the way to go for city streets in my opinion, however I see you may be out on country rides, sill they have never really let me down…


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