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Broken Cable Noob Question
I Just bought a used Road Bike. I don't really know how to describe the problem so here are pictures. Is this something easily repairable? Would a beginner be able to do it? It Says Shimano 600 & Shimano 600 SIS.

Thanks for the help,

Take a look at these tutorials, read Alex's instructions there as well as watching the video:
While your are at it also replace the brake cables (and the brake pads). It is likely that those haven't been changed for a while, too.
(07-02-2010, 12:56 AM)Joe_W Wrote:  While your are at it also replace the brake cables (and the brake pads). It is likely that those haven't been changed for a while, too.

Yes, replace them all, pretty straightforward job if you are handy with tools, but you do need a good wire cutter so as not to fray the ends.

Couple of things I didn't like, the back wheel is very near the end of the drop out, I would pull this back about 1/4" if you can, you need to check if the brake blocks will still contact the rim ok and then adjust the drop out screws, also the quick release on the front wheel is pointing forwards, can be just seen in one pic, I always set the lever back so it cannot be knocked open by passing vegetation etc.

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