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My new old bike
Finally got a vintage road bike. I started out looking for a Schwinn but found all but a few top end or Japanese made to be over 30lbs. Saw some nice ones but all to big for me.

My neighbor had this one . Its not as clean cosmetically as I wanted especially rusty spokes, but mechanically it was very good and had fast handling. It weighted in at 24.6 lbs. It cost $75.00, he gets the Look pedals back.

I looked at bullhorn bars and MB brake levers but found that turning the road bar upside down cutting it and reusing original brakes worked fine. I first test rode with bars upside down to find best position and than cut it.

Adding a cycle puter soon. The rack is a concession to function over form. As a former Mountain Bike Unit rider I carry tools and some first aid equipment with me. I stop to help people, and usually on every ride I take someone needs help. Set up the bike weights 27 lbs and ready to ride.

Still lighter than my 92 Schwinn Aluminum which lists at 26.9 and loaded is 32 lbs.

BTW I took my Fuji to a local LBD and the mechanic working on a $4000 plastic bike told my mine will last a lot longer. Same with my Schwinn, they all marveled at a 18 year old bike. So save the oldies.


Never Give Up!!!
The Fuji really looks nice.
The seat post looks fluted and if it is then it's a possible water trap. The flutes are a route for water down the seat tube to the bottom bracket.
What size are the wheels - 700 or 27.1/2"?
Ride hard or ride home alone!
Thanks, ye thats what thought about the seat tube too. First thing I checked. Looks neat and has measurement on it but as you said could be a water trap. I hang the bike upside down on hooks on my rafters for storage, like most of my bikes so if water got in it would drain. Sure a lot easier to lift than my other bikes. I may seal the seat tube eventually but I am a fair weather rider anyway.

For full specs follow the Fuji link I gave and enlarge as needed, its a 27 X 1 1/8 wheels. Frame size is 21" or 53cm, wheel base is 40 1/2 inches, stand over is 31". I like longer frames and with the horns I can stretch out. My Schwinn MB has a 42 1/2 WB, but with the longer Fuji head stem my distance bar to seat is about the same. Hmmm.....Which to ride tomorrow. :-))

Just took a ride on the Fuji and like the bars with brakes on tips, brakes on straight part would be to close and I am most comfortable holding the horns anyway. Custom made :-)) Got bar gel tape to put on. Shees half the fun is setting it up. Next grease all bearings.
Never Give Up!!!
Got the new pedals, cateye enduro 8 cycleputer, and a avenoir cycle bell. Man I think I am done. Got more money in accessories than the bike. But its worth it, and custom set up as I like it. It looks like a vintage triathlon bike. For a lot less bucks. Rides real nice too and I like the position. Got to think out of the box. :-))

Never Give Up!!!
Nice find have fun on it I would.But it does need one little on it a Brooks B17.
My dad always told me a Sledge a matic can fix any thing.
Thanks Surly LHT

Threw me for a while, but I think you mean BROOKS SADDLE. Eh?
I confess to looking at Terry saddles, their leather covered liberator with the big cut out changed the way I walk after a ride on my MB. :-)))

For this bike maybe a Terry fly. Got to ride a lot more to see how I like the current seat. Very Light.

I forget where are you Surly??
Never Give Up!!!

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