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Can't take the freewheel off
Hello guys,

I've have an issue with my freewheel ... well actually with the spokes (I've managed to brake some of them). Anyway I have to take down the freewheel to replace them(the spokes) but it seems that the freewheel is very tightened. I've used I vise clamp to secure the key and turn the wheel but without any results. I also sprayed some derust spray and tried again but again the only results was bending another spoke. Do you have any other ideas or should i go buy another back wheel.

Best regards from Romania,


PS : Sorry for the crappy English
Wow, sounds like a tough thing there. Actually, freewheels are sometimes really tough to remove as they are tightened by every pedal stroke. A wheel with enough broke / bent / damaged spokes will probably have problems to withstand the forces you need to unscrew the freewheel.

If you remove it, you have to: get spokes, true wheel, replace probably some more spokes (reason for spokes breaking is likely the dreaded chain drop). It would probably be an opportunity to get a "new" (well, a used one) rear wheel. Some bike shops have old wheels they are willing to part with for not too much money. Make sure the hub is still ok (if it is free turning without being too loose it should do). Question: how many gears do you have in the rear? Do you have indexed or non-indexed shifters?
I only have 4 broken spokes (well 5 considering the bent one) and I guess that shouldn't be a problem. The others parts of the wheel look OK. I have 6 gears on my back wheel. I've added 2 shots with my derailleur. I don't now what indexed or non-indexed shifter means. Added a picture of that too (out of focus sadly). Hope this helps

LE : I don't really have a bike shop in my town thanks to the economical crisis. So I have to manage on my own Sad
LE2 : I know that I have grass in my derailleur Big Grin
On the broken spokes:
- you can sometimes carefully bend a spoke to get it threaded through the hole in the hub without removing the freewheel. Manufacturing spokes is a tough process, so slightly bending them is not tooo bad. (don't put a kink in then, though)
- are those spokes all on the drive side with the elbow to the outside? If so: you had a chain drop (chain dropped between spokes and freewheel), more spokes will break sooner or later, replace all outside spokes (with the elbow to the outside)
- lots of spoke breakages can be an indicator for a poorly built wheel (but this will crop up earlier in its lifetime, included for completeness sake)

Indexed - non-indexed: indexed: clicks to certain positions when shifting so the dérailleur matches up with the sprockets. If the shifters are not indexed you can replace the wheel with one with more gears (change the chain, too)

wheel: Hm, no bike shop. Take a look at the private sales ads of a bike magazine? Getting a fitting wheel somewhere online might prove difficult, 6 speed wheels are definitely outdated (doesn't mean you shouldn't use them, just makes getting them tough).

Oh, and I assume you are trying to remove the freewheel in the correct direction...
You are right, the spokes broke when the chain feel during a car chase Big Grin I've noticed that the tarmac will end soon so I change the gear up . Sadly the plastic piece that was keeping the chain in place is gone so the chain felled in the spokes. Also true that I have other damaged spokes (2-3) and I already bought replacements for them too.

I have the bike for about 8 years and only changed brake pads on it and the occasional inner tube. So I don't think build quality is an issue.
The shifters are indexed then Smile
I've already tried to bend the spokes around the freewheel but it isn't possible so I really have to take it down.
I will start searching for some back wheels just to see some prices Big Grin

Off-topic: I was thinking the other night to paint it in mate black . Now I'm thinking of buying a new one Sad
If this is the tool you are using;
you need a large adjustable or ring spanner to fit the hex, remove the track nut and insert the tool into the fw as far as it will go, brace the wheel against your left leg and with the handle of the spanner parallel to the ground, kick down hard on the end of the spanner, make sure you are positioned so you don't fall over.
I have removed hundreds of fw's like this and rarely need more than a couple of goes.
i have tried everything but the thing didn't even moved a bit ... I already talked to someone to buy a whole rim + freewheel (same as mine) for 35 ron (8.5 euro) ... which is pretty good I guess ... a friend will pick the rim and will inspect it before he will send it to me ...

hope after this I could dream again my bike in matte black

best of luck to everyone
Smile Smile Smile

I have finally managed to take the freewheel off . Tomorrow I will finish mounting the spokes and by then I hope I will learn how make the rim round again Big Grin
Also found black mate paint ... very cheap Smile

Wish me luck ...
After I finish all the work I will post some pics with the result Wink

Cheers !
Look at the book by Roger Musson http://www.wheelpro.co.uk/wheelbuilding/book.php I can really recommend it. I have built some wheels and trued some more and the diagrams are good and the text is very well written. (and it is cheap, as you only buy the .pdf and print it yourself)

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