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Shimano 10 speed cassette
i recently removed my 10 speed cassette and all came away easily. on reassembling I have been left with a thin metal spacer? most of the spacers are plastic apart from the smallest on the ring. What have I done wrong to end up with this as a spare?
Is it Campagnolo, SRAM or Shimano?

In any case, check out their web sites, they generally have a technical documents section with exploded views etc. so you can work out where it goes.

I once disassembled a carburetor and had dozens of bits left over after I put it back together. Not surprisingly it no longer worked, got it working on the second attempt with no bits left over. Smile
Thanks for replying, it is shimano. I'll check out the website now.

Found the diagramme, bike up n running again.
The very thin spacer usually goes on the hub first before the cassette. But not always.
My tech' document says there are some hubs that don't require it.
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