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Hey all

I just received an older road bike from my friend. Its a Trek 1000. It hasn't been ridden in who know how long. I just got it and know it needs a tune up. Shifting needs work, wheels look pretty true, brakes squeal, but otherwise i'm not a good enough expert to know about the bearings or such.

How much will a tune up cost for it? Should i get a complete overhaul, or just the basic adjustments?

Well I'm no "expert" but have many years experience in many mechanical and electrical device repairs, as well as refurbishing some older bikes for a hobby. I would do it myself and have no idea how much they charge.

You haven't given us much to go on such as year. Has it ever sat outside? Photos would also be nice. After a little research it looks like that model goes back to the mid-1980's or so. If I were doing it for my own ride, I would just start by taking it ALL apart starting with the front and rear hubs and use a magnifying glass to check bearings and races. Clean, then re-grease. Repeat for all moving parts including the fork-headset. Replace anything that doesn't look right. Remove rust etc. Lubricate and/or replace cables. Replace brake pads, etc. Make whatever adjustments are needed such as brakes, derailleurs, chain, etc. True the wheels.

It's almost a foregone conclusion that you will likely have to replace the chain and rear sprockets (freewheel) on a bike that old. Then tires and tubes maybe?

That's where I would begin, and once you get into the project you will find other things that need to be done, I'm sure. But if the bike has been taken care of then you might not have to go that far. I am surprised sometimes while in the middle of a project by how well the components have held up over time, but was good to take it apart for cleaning and greasing anyway.

Hope that helps, Smile
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ah, sorry. Yea, its never been stored outside. no rust. Everything "feels" smooth to me. As for how old it is, its getting close to 8 years or so. Last time ridden, probably 2-3 years. The tires he said are ok for now, tubes are holding air so far. it looks in great condition, but i'm just worried to go on a ride and have something break on me.
Ah okay, 8 years old is VERY different. I missed that on Bikepedia . . .
I was looking for an older bike.

Then you can probably get by with a minor tune up at an LBS for around $35 or so. I wouldn't worry about breaking something. Treks are solid bikes and should last much longer than that. The oldest bike I have is a 1978 Raleigh and it is like new! Smile

Good luck!
Junkyard Tools rescued from the junkyard!

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