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Recommended product brands in European market
There have been a lot of references to specific brand products that can be bought in USA, maybe somebody could recommend some tested and reliable products (chain oil, wrenches etc.) that are available in European market?
USA brands from Amazon is not an issue, because sending costs sometimes are triple the product costs.

Many things are available in the US as well as here in Europe, e.g. Park Tools (tools) or Finish Line (oils, break fluids, lubricants). Is there anything special you are looking for?

I am in Italy and I am looking for either reliable basic tool kit (for now I have only heard that in my region is even hard to find something that would at least have reviews in the internet) or a name of a company which manufactures tools that I could buy one-by-one not bothering every time to look on reviews on every single wrench. If of course it is possible like that.

At least in Germany, Park Tools tools are available from a number of online retailers as well as several well stocked bike shops. The tools are sturdy, nice and expensive... however, most people seem to agree that they are worth the money. I am just a hobby bike mechanic, I have some special tools by Park Tools, BBB and an online retailer (and a Minoura truing stand, a SpoKey, a self built dishing gauge and spoke holder). So far I cannot complain about them. My colleague's crank puller and chain tool were inexpensive and are not good, so it does make sense to spend a bit more.

For basic shop tools (wrenches, screw drivers, bit set etc.) I went to the local DIY store, looked at the stuff, asked a shop assistant (that seemed knowledgeable), and bought mid range sets. If you buy cheap tools, they are going to be cheap, soft metal and you'll ruin wrenches (and screws). And you'll end up buying the same tools again. Look out for tools made of hardened steel.
Thank you for information, maybe you could tell me the names of bike shops in Germany (not on-line retailers) where I could find Park tools?

BikeMax (chain of shops), Cyclomanix (Schriesheim), Zweirad Schneider (Langen, Hessen, though he has not everything on stock but can order it), Citybike (Darmstadt) are those that come to my mind. Probably also the Handelsrad-group: Radhaus, SparRad and Heidelbike (Darmstadt and Heidelberg). Radsport Smit in Gustavsburg, most probably also Rad- und Triathlonshop Neu Isenburg (though I am not sure). Go to your friendly local bike shop and ask them. Maybe they have them stocked, maybe they can order them. Sometimes warehouses like Karstadt have a selection of tools, but usually not by Park. For seldom used tools they might be ok...

I give up!!

Europe start to suck really badly, since it is forbidden to send Park Tools (and most of other things to Italy) and local market provide disastrous tools. today bought crank pull tool - since cranks were never taken off it was quite hard to turn the tool. Thread survived, but the joke is that head of the tool is made in the way that after 3-4 times of usage top of the tool will be completely eaten and will not fit anymore. Company is BBB (never heard, but there are no other it the biggest store in the city).

Maybe anyone have any ideas, how to get some quality tools, without price increase of 200%? I am not chasing brand, just medium quality.. maybe some other ways to send?

For a good example BBB analog to Park Tool BBT-32, costs 23 USD.. well if it at least had quality...
Giedrius, I don't know why you specified non-online shops. Bike-components.de has a large range of Park Tools (for instance), and you can get a crank-puller mailed to you for less than 20 euro + 10 euro postage.


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